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Awesome work {{answer_20160725}}! Now for some detailed information regarding the property you need insured.

What is the property's address?

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What year was the property built?

What is the square footage?

Is the property within city limits?

What is the distance (in miles) to the nearest Fire Department?

What is the distance (in feet) to the nearest fire hydrant?

What is the dwelling used for?

How many families live in the home?

What is the primary heat unit type?

Does the building have any fireplaces?

What is the secondary heat unit type (Non Fireplace)?

Does it have an electric circuit breaker?

Do you have any pets?

Do you have any full time domestic employees?

Did you have a cosigner?

Does it have a swimming pool?

Does it have a trampoline?

Does it have smoke detectors?

Does it have a fire extinguisher?

Does it have an indoor fire sprinkler?

Does it have a burglar alarm?

Is the building in a gated community?

Great! We're through with the basic information! Onto the vehicles information!

Now we need information about you in order to provide a more accurate quote.

Applicant Information:

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Highest Level of Education Completed by Applicant?

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Coverage Information

What policy type would this be?

Medical Payment Coverage?

Dwelling amount?

Personal Liability Coverage?

When would you like your new policy to start?

What would you like the policy term to be?

When does your prior policy expire?

Who is your prior/current policy carrier?

In the last 5 years has property insurance been cancelled, declined, or non-renewed?

How many losses have been claimed on this property?

Man this was fun right? (It's over now, don't worry) We just have one more question, how easy did you find this form to use?

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